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Gods wives is a foundation created to advocate, empower and motivate the needs of marginalized women in our communities.


Gods wives seeks to establish multiple empowerment centres throughout Africa that will train women on vocational skills and entrepreneurship skills.


Gods Wives has been providing group therapy for over 200 widows through Skills Acquisition centre that trains the women and over 80 women have been trained.

Why Widows  & Single Mothers

In many of our communities, cultural practices and societal prejudices cause hardship on women after the loss of their husbands. In some communities, women are often blamed for the death and forced to carry out ancient rituals to prove their innocence. More commonly the woman may not have access to her late husband’s property and estate after death due to a lack of will or because of cultural rights from in-laws. The widow is often left alone and in deep financial need in addition to the emotional trauma of losing a husband. Gods Wives seeks to partner with NGOs that are catering to widows to equip them for financial empowerment.

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